me the schizo part 2

2011-02-28 02:31:08 by kecenii

and here's another play to let people inside my mind :D it's a few posts back (maybe 3?) that i did this and i saw it yesterday and said...mehhh screw it i'll do it again..for those not keeping score here's the characters so far:

Conscience: the guy that wants to keep busy, usually in league with the brains

Brainz: the guy that wants to learn stuff at school and be smart

Unconscience: the guy that just wants to kick back and have fun..favors "dont wanna"

psycho (me): the big lug that these guys (and maybe more? :O) control..poor bastard

Teacher: who else?

setting: while i struggle to pay attention in school, my brainz struggle to help while my unconscience demands that I write a song.. who will win in this epic battle of the personalities!? who the hell knows?

Teacher: and so.. if we apply the square root of 124 multiplied by 23 plus 384 thousand and .....

psycho: mmhmm *takes notes* this suuucks

brainz: cmon this crap is easy..just a little longer till chemistry!

conscience: think we should let him daydream? just for a sec?

brainz: god no, you've seen how long he can daydream...last time it was for 12 hours!

unconscience: i can't take it anymore! stop doing productive things dammit! *spins around swearing like the Tasmanian devil*

psycho: *knocks on his forehead like he would a door and whispers the following* psst keep it down up there, i'm trying to focus and behave!

Conscience(whispering): you heard him, get outta here unconscience! he can screw around later!
Brainz: Yeah! we're trying to make this kid smart!

Psycho: what the hell did i say!?
Teacher(at psycho): Pardon? did you have something you wanted to share with the class?
Psycho: umm er no, sorry miss sound nazi
Teacher: EXCUSE ME!? what did you call me!?
Psycho: i called you your name, Miss Bowndotsy
Teacher: oh alright

(everyones whispering at this point)
Psycho: see what you bastards made me do!?
Conscience, Brainz, and Unconscience: Sorry boss...
Psycho: damnwell better be.. now what were we doing!?

Conscience + Brainz: studying!
(Psycho resumes notes while Unconscience plots..)

Unconscience: hmmm..i wonder what's for LUNCH today!
Psycho: food!?
Unconscience: i hope it's not fish..i remember the last time we ate that stuff
Psycho: oh yeahh.. when i got sick while i was walking in the parking lot and barfed all over the principles car! that was hilarious
Unconscience: right??

Conscience: uh hey boss?
Brainz: boss the teachers talking!

Psycho(thinking): what about the time i had a huge chemistry final to finish up and didn't get it done cuz i was daydreaming all day long? funny right?

Unconscience: definitely! but who could blame you? anyone would have to spend 8 hours thinking about the complexities of how zero gravity would affect the various boob sizes and how it could mess with a chick's period, i mean, that's just science!

Psycho: well duh! zero gravity is a complex thing man, and boobies are works of art!

*here psycho realizes that he just said that out loud and looks around to see the whole class staring at him*

Psycho: *sighs* ughh i'll excuse myself to go to the office.. *Stomps out of the room*

--the end--

this has been a miso cwazy production


2010-11-28 01:40:46 by kecenii

hmm i'm bored as to anyone actually bored enough to read this, it's story time ^^ and in keeping with the holiday spirit, i'll make it rhyme (that one was coincidental..) so gather round lil kiddies hehe..

twas her 18th year and everything had gone quite well;
for this young witch for which all things were for sell;
till she fell in love with an old crow, filled with lust;
so captivated was she, she blindly gave him trust;
when hilarity ensued, as she did so choose;
that with him she'd move, with so much to lose;

when first i heard about her strange plight;
my stomach can stand no more thinks i;
after which was when i heard;
of his past which was quite absurd;
beating a maiden, becoming a felon;
his act he did straighten, or so he's been tellin';

and yet all but she can see;
that now she'll never be free;
for this demon to which she's now bound;
would love to bury her deep underground;
and for all the world, not one soul on earth would care except;
for this one single girl, and we'd all watch gleefully while she wept;

what i'm thankful for

2010-11-26 03:32:42 by kecenii

the insane amount of alcohol that i have in my posession...the end

"Cloud of Smoke"

2010-11-05 22:14:47 by kecenii

hmm i was gonna wait to stick this on here till i could record me singing it and make an audio submission with it, but i'm busy so i'll do that later :P...

figured putting the lyrics for my latest song on here would cheer up anyone that read the post before this one lol..if you feel like reviewing then go for it and be as mean as you want (don't really care) but since i'll probably take the time to read your review, at least make the criticism somewhat constructive lol and for anyone else who writes song lyrics, yeah i know that's a weak amount of verse between the chorus, that's the one thing that's going to change no matter what lol

i'll also have all of you know that this was written without a single drop of alcohol or a when i get one of those 2 things it may or may not change drastically...for better or worse..nuff said..

Some people talk about angels;
comin down to earth to be their guide;
but in a world like a hell hole;
i couldn't help but be surprised;
when i came upon a cherub in a mortal disuise!;

She's like my light;
a blessing to my life;
and ever since i could remember;
i've been in love with her;

Her skins so soft it could be satin;
and for me she's the perfect medicine;
Her love is so sweet;
she cures all my chemical dependencies;
Cuz with a single stroke, of my hair!;
and the way her cute eyes make me wanna stare;
her smiles make my mood soar;
her sadness makes me sulk;
one thing i know for sure;
she makes me wanna be more;
than just a streamin' cloud of smoke;
(end chorus)

now like that she's gone again!;
can't feel her touch upon my skin;
i can't face the cruel reality;
cuz she'll never know what she means; to; me;

Her skins so soft it could be satin--;
and for me she's the perfect medicine--;
Her love is so sweet;
she cures all my chemical dependencies;
Cuz with a single stroke of my hair!;
and the way her cute eyes make me wanna stare;
her smiles make my mood soar;
her sadness makes me sulk;
one thing i know for sure;
she makes me wanna be more---;
than just a streamin' cloud of smoke;

maybe she gave up; maybe she's had enough;
maybe she's gone, to find, the face of someone better;
i will improve!; i'll be who she'll choose!;
and when she does, i'll never be the one, to upset her;

she left me cold in the night;
i felt dead before she left my sight;
id give everything
if she'd return to me

Her skins so soft it could be satin;
for me she's the perfect med-i-cine;
Her love is so sweet;
she cures all my chemical dependencies;
Cuz with a single stroke of my hair;
and the way her cute eyes make me wanna stare;
her smiles make my mood soar;
her sadness makes me sulk;
one thing i know for sure;
she makes me wanna be more;
than just a streamin' cloud of smoke;

The Mother's Prophecy

2010-11-04 22:23:00 by kecenii

so many of you are so used to the status quo;
when the truth is, if it wasn't for monotony, there's so much more that you could know;
i've tried to adopt a kind and caring face for so long that id forgotten how to forsake;
but now, after enduring 3 millennia, you apes have caused my unwavering spirit to break

In the beginning, we had hoped you all would eventually evolve
now i know that there's no hope, humans are but another chaotic problem to solve
as troubling as this is, it is not without a touch of irony..
there are billions of humans intoxicating the world, you are your own disease

there is but one cure for the human scourge..
from this sacred planet you must all be purged
the day of the end lies closer than any of you could ever imagine
and when each and every one has gone cold, i won't even slightly sadden

and on this day that the humans realize the error of their ways
it will have been for naught, far too little, far too late..
several millenia of soaking the ground in blood has poisoned the lifestream
you pests have nearly killed your mother and she had no time to utter even a scream..

but then, there are those of you who, despite the plague, have begun to progress
it is you who will be given a chance, it is you special few who will be put to the test
i pray you continue on your enlightened path, so one day i can call you a brother
believe me when i say it's difficult but worth it, you do not want the path of the others

for waiting for you after this life is another, yet you have power that transcends all;
and the only important choice is whether to fight for the sacred light, or go to the shadows to fall;
whereas the scum that do nothing but choke the life from the mortal realm
will experience only their worst nightmares of hell

if you are one of the few humans with knowledge enough to question the status quo, youre saved;
only someone with your mental and spiritual fortitude can handle the power that the plague craves;
and if you're one of the fools who believes that the earth is here to serve you, not the opposite
you will get only what you deserve, the worst imaginable kind of doom, an eternity trapped in a pit;

with no one to help you, no one to hear you scream or cry
you will suffer, youre pain will be supreme, but untouched will remain your eyes
so you can continue to stare at the world you so tainted with your lies

the mother is not demanding, she only ever asked for your love and respect,
yet you began to believe that you were more than she, so you've been made a reject;
dejected from what you called your own race, how does it feel to know that you will suffer
while those that loved the mother, will progress until they are a race like no other...

you may take that however you wish to take it..maybe you think i'm crazy, maybe you think i'm right, maybe you have no idea what i'm talking about..but i promise when your time here is up, you'll know exactly what i mean..


2010-11-04 15:30:53 by kecenii

alright's time we had a talk...come in and sit down...first of all, if you're a nonsmoker with absolutely no problem with smokers, get the hell out..i'm not chewing your ass THIS time ;)

second of all...anti-smokers...I KNOW IT CAUSES CANCER, you bastards had that public service announcement diagrammed in french caligraphy on every pack i buy! i do not smoke it because it will make me grow up big and strong one day dammit -.-...

last of all, allow me to point out a fact that has eluded antismokers ever since (his majesty) Bill Hicks died..antismokers die EVERY day...that is all..night night, sleep tight, don't let the cold bitter truth bite...

i will be making this particular post in playwright format...why? so i can argue with myself for your amusement..please note that i'm only almost this crazy...i DO argue with myself on a regular basis, i just keep it in my head where no one can see or hear it...except for you, because of your steadfastness in reading this, you're about to experience what it's like in my head all day every day...hope you're sitting down xD

the roles

ME: So here we are..typing aimlessly on newgrounds attempting to amuse ourselves
me: mmmyes it is just SO exciting..wait, don't we have homework?
me: you kidding me? of course we do
me: why aint we doin it then?
me: simple: i DON'T WANNA
me: but what about our future?
me: do i have to stab you to enjoy ourself? i will if i must
me: now take it easy man, what's wrong with you? stabbing ourself?
me: you two stop fighting i'm trying to nap
me: how can you be trying to nap when the rest of us is completely conscious and typing this?
me: i'm his conscience...
me: ohhhhhh that explains're NEVER up
conscience: no not really..but wait who're you two?
(me that favored school): i'm his brains...
(me that favored don't wanna): i'm his unconscience
brains: conscience can you kindly convince the UN that we need to do homework?
conscience: why? homeworks for saps and people that like grades
unconscience: exactly!
brains: but but but....

this has been a day in the life of my split personality...funny? maybe maybe not....absolutely real? yes every bit of it, i really think from several different perspectives, it is total hell but it adds to understanding...meaning if i don't agree with what you think, there's 4 other personalities in my head and one of them will probably favor you on some level...freaky eh?

What is the soul? In the whole wide big blue and mainly corrupt world, there's never been any physical evidence of the soul and yet, we know it's there. Some would say the soul is like a little ghost that just lives in your body, wearing it like a brand spanking new you-suit. But regardless of how it looks, WTF IS IT!?!?!??! The answer is: No one really knows. So why even write this if no one knows? Simple, because i can, because i got bored, and because I'm going to guess what a soul is whether you frickin' like it or not ^^.
The soul is like your life source..sure we have organs and a brain, but to say that they just work for no reason is stupid, I'm talking to YOU scientists!! Your soul is your drive to live, its the reason why many terminal patients in a hospital wont die until they've said goodbye to everyone they feel they need to. Its the reason you wake up every day, put your clothes on, drop the deuce and do what you do for the day. Its the reason you're content and the reason you're unhappy. You can say I'm wrong, you can say I'm right and you can say I'm freakin' crazy. But what I'm trying to say is that everyone has a soul and everyone's soul is their driving force to live and to love. So really, why would you want me to be wrong? If anything you should hope that I'm right because how depressed would you be if you had no higher driving force? So anyone that would go as far as to swear I'm wrong must be really depressed or must just like to not have a purpose on earth.

P.S. i'm fine with being wrong in your eyes but i'm right in my eyes so i don't care what you see MUHAHAHAHAHAHA