me the schizo...and me the schizo..and me the schizo..

2010-11-01 22:51:35 by kecenii

i will be making this particular post in playwright format...why? so i can argue with myself for your amusement..please note that i'm only almost this crazy...i DO argue with myself on a regular basis, i just keep it in my head where no one can see or hear it...except for you, because of your steadfastness in reading this, you're about to experience what it's like in my head all day every day...hope you're sitting down xD

the roles

ME: So here we are..typing aimlessly on newgrounds attempting to amuse ourselves
me: mmmyes it is just SO exciting..wait, don't we have homework?
me: you kidding me? of course we do
me: why aint we doin it then?
me: simple: i DON'T WANNA
me: but what about our future?
me: do i have to stab you to enjoy ourself? i will if i must
me: now take it easy man, what's wrong with you? stabbing ourself?
me: you two stop fighting i'm trying to nap
me: how can you be trying to nap when the rest of us is completely conscious and typing this?
me: i'm his conscience...
me: ohhhhhh that explains're NEVER up
conscience: no not really..but wait who're you two?
(me that favored school): i'm his brains...
(me that favored don't wanna): i'm his unconscience
brains: conscience can you kindly convince the UN that we need to do homework?
conscience: why? homeworks for saps and people that like grades
unconscience: exactly!
brains: but but but....

this has been a day in the life of my split personality...funny? maybe maybe not....absolutely real? yes every bit of it, i really think from several different perspectives, it is total hell but it adds to understanding...meaning if i don't agree with what you think, there's 4 other personalities in my head and one of them will probably favor you on some level...freaky eh?


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2010-11-01 22:58:42

To be honest you sound like a bullshit knockoff of me
its making it hard to even take you serious

(Updated ) kecenii responds:

heh truth be told i can't even begin to feel offended

you're entitled to your own opinion man and in fairness to me, with as much bad TV that's on anymore, it's hard for even the insane to be original :S..but hey, thanks for not kissing my ass, criticism is much more welcomed

edit: ohh...i read "bullshit knockoff TO me" not of i've read one of your profile posts, you're borderline depressing...i'm much too cheerful to be a knockoff of you..much less full of myself too miss genius ;) but thas okay, gotta have self-esteem


2010-11-04 01:31:45

im srry but since ur from idaho..... don't get mad.......

kecenii responds:

lmao i dont get mad too easy...and everyone here says it constantly, so you can too ;)

problem is, i'm not attractive enough to be a ho D'= lol