Entry #1

The soul...and other cool stuff :D

2010-07-30 20:05:36 by kecenii

What is the soul? In the whole wide big blue and mainly corrupt world, there's never been any physical evidence of the soul and yet, we know it's there. Some would say the soul is like a little ghost that just lives in your body, wearing it like a brand spanking new you-suit. But regardless of how it looks, WTF IS IT!?!?!??! The answer is: No one really knows. So why even write this if no one knows? Simple, because i can, because i got bored, and because I'm going to guess what a soul is whether you frickin' like it or not ^^.
The soul is like your life source..sure we have organs and a brain, but to say that they just work for no reason is stupid, I'm talking to YOU scientists!! Your soul is your drive to live, its the reason why many terminal patients in a hospital wont die until they've said goodbye to everyone they feel they need to. Its the reason you wake up every day, put your clothes on, drop the deuce and do what you do for the day. Its the reason you're content and the reason you're unhappy. You can say I'm wrong, you can say I'm right and you can say I'm freakin' crazy. But what I'm trying to say is that everyone has a soul and everyone's soul is their driving force to live and to love. So really, why would you want me to be wrong? If anything you should hope that I'm right because how depressed would you be if you had no higher driving force? So anyone that would go as far as to swear I'm wrong must be really depressed or must just like to not have a purpose on earth.

P.S. i'm fine with being wrong in your eyes but i'm right in my eyes so i don't care what you see MUHAHAHAHAHAHA


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2010-07-30 20:22:15

I think your right

kecenii responds:

hey thanks :D and sorry it took so long to say thank you lol..


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