Entry #8

me the schizo part 2

2011-02-28 02:31:08 by kecenii

and here's another play to let people inside my mind :D it's a few posts back (maybe 3?) that i did this and i saw it yesterday and said...mehhh screw it i'll do it again..for those not keeping score here's the characters so far:

Conscience: the guy that wants to keep busy, usually in league with the brains

Brainz: the guy that wants to learn stuff at school and be smart

Unconscience: the guy that just wants to kick back and have fun..favors "dont wanna"

psycho (me): the big lug that these guys (and maybe more? :O) control..poor bastard

Teacher: who else?

setting: while i struggle to pay attention in school, my brainz struggle to help while my unconscience demands that I write a song.. who will win in this epic battle of the personalities!? who the hell knows?

Teacher: and so.. if we apply the square root of 124 multiplied by 23 plus 384 thousand and .....

psycho: mmhmm *takes notes* this suuucks

brainz: cmon this crap is easy..just a little longer till chemistry!

conscience: think we should let him daydream? just for a sec?

brainz: god no, you've seen how long he can daydream...last time it was for 12 hours!

unconscience: i can't take it anymore! stop doing productive things dammit! *spins around swearing like the Tasmanian devil*

psycho: *knocks on his forehead like he would a door and whispers the following* psst keep it down up there, i'm trying to focus and behave!

Conscience(whispering): you heard him, get outta here unconscience! he can screw around later!
Brainz: Yeah! we're trying to make this kid smart!

Psycho: what the hell did i say!?
Teacher(at psycho): Pardon? did you have something you wanted to share with the class?
Psycho: umm er no, sorry miss sound nazi
Teacher: EXCUSE ME!? what did you call me!?
Psycho: i called you your name, Miss Bowndotsy
Teacher: oh alright

(everyones whispering at this point)
Psycho: see what you bastards made me do!?
Conscience, Brainz, and Unconscience: Sorry boss...
Psycho: damnwell better be.. now what were we doing!?

Conscience + Brainz: studying!
(Psycho resumes notes while Unconscience plots..)

Unconscience: hmmm..i wonder what's for LUNCH today!
Psycho: food!?
Unconscience: i hope it's not fish..i remember the last time we ate that stuff
Psycho: oh yeahh.. when i got sick while i was walking in the parking lot and barfed all over the principles car! that was hilarious
Unconscience: right??

Conscience: uh hey boss?
Brainz: boss the teachers talking!

Psycho(thinking): what about the time i had a huge chemistry final to finish up and didn't get it done cuz i was daydreaming all day long? funny right?

Unconscience: definitely! but who could blame you? anyone would have to spend 8 hours thinking about the complexities of how zero gravity would affect the various boob sizes and how it could mess with a chick's period, i mean, that's just science!

Psycho: well duh! zero gravity is a complex thing man, and boobies are works of art!

*here psycho realizes that he just said that out loud and looks around to see the whole class staring at him*

Psycho: *sighs* ughh i'll excuse myself to go to the office.. *Stomps out of the room*

--the end--

this has been a miso cwazy production


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