The Mother's Prophecy

2010-11-04 22:23:00 by kecenii

so many of you are so used to the status quo;
when the truth is, if it wasn't for monotony, there's so much more that you could know;
i've tried to adopt a kind and caring face for so long that id forgotten how to forsake;
but now, after enduring 3 millennia, you apes have caused my unwavering spirit to break

In the beginning, we had hoped you all would eventually evolve
now i know that there's no hope, humans are but another chaotic problem to solve
as troubling as this is, it is not without a touch of irony..
there are billions of humans intoxicating the world, you are your own disease

there is but one cure for the human scourge..
from this sacred planet you must all be purged
the day of the end lies closer than any of you could ever imagine
and when each and every one has gone cold, i won't even slightly sadden

and on this day that the humans realize the error of their ways
it will have been for naught, far too little, far too late..
several millenia of soaking the ground in blood has poisoned the lifestream
you pests have nearly killed your mother and she had no time to utter even a scream..

but then, there are those of you who, despite the plague, have begun to progress
it is you who will be given a chance, it is you special few who will be put to the test
i pray you continue on your enlightened path, so one day i can call you a brother
believe me when i say it's difficult but worth it, you do not want the path of the others

for waiting for you after this life is another, yet you have power that transcends all;
and the only important choice is whether to fight for the sacred light, or go to the shadows to fall;
whereas the scum that do nothing but choke the life from the mortal realm
will experience only their worst nightmares of hell

if you are one of the few humans with knowledge enough to question the status quo, youre saved;
only someone with your mental and spiritual fortitude can handle the power that the plague craves;
and if you're one of the fools who believes that the earth is here to serve you, not the opposite
you will get only what you deserve, the worst imaginable kind of doom, an eternity trapped in a pit;

with no one to help you, no one to hear you scream or cry
you will suffer, youre pain will be supreme, but untouched will remain your eyes
so you can continue to stare at the world you so tainted with your lies

the mother is not demanding, she only ever asked for your love and respect,
yet you began to believe that you were more than she, so you've been made a reject;
dejected from what you called your own race, how does it feel to know that you will suffer
while those that loved the mother, will progress until they are a race like no other...

you may take that however you wish to take it..maybe you think i'm crazy, maybe you think i'm right, maybe you have no idea what i'm talking about..but i promise when your time here is up, you'll know exactly what i mean..


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2010-11-04 22:52:13 there any other species that overdramatically wishes for the complete annhilation and torture of their own kind when the "tainted" don't follow what the "enlightened" believe is acceptable?

kecenii responds: every other species has learned to achieve a state of natural equilibrium with their ecosystem..they've learned how to live off the land, without feeding off of it if you get my meaning..and if you'll read carefully, i didn't wish for the total annihalation of the human race...i split it into two groups, those poisoning the planet no i'm not including people who simply lie or steal in that category, i'm talking about people that have begun to build and revolve their lives around themselves with no thought to the well-being of the rest..those that have refrained from doing that, the truly selfless, i would say are fine..and as far as overdramatically goes..drama seems to be the only way to get a response out of people anymore, so sue me xD..


2010-11-04 23:26:02

every species has learned how to live off their land, we've just been doing a very, very good job of keeping ourselves from being eaten by the others, and so we populate like crazy and are able to manipulate the land around us as we see fit without many distractions. You ever see what happens when you take away an ecosystem's top predator? over eating, messing up of the land until it becomes uninhabitable, and the herd keep moving on to find more places to screw up.
That's why i split up the human race with what most would call the absolutely evil and the absolutely good, what with one believing that the other are not worth their lives and should be eradicated or tortured. i mean come on, the other animals usually just chase who they don't want in their group away and beating them enough to get their point accross, why we gotta be so overly violent?
HAHA! that is true, i'm not insulting your drama, i love it when people get dramatic and hyped up.

kecenii responds:

heh..touche`..i honestly can't disagree with you..but i'm still not quite being understood (which is alright, when i made the decision to make it all rhyme, i forfeited a lot of understanding xD)

i don't mean that humans are bad simply because of adaptability, or hunting or anything like that at all..honestly the way you've split it up is the way i meant it, difference being my respect for the mother..not saying you don't respect the earth mind you..when i say the lifestream is being poisoned by being soaked in blood, i'm referring to the senseless wars over the years..i think next time i decide to be depressing i'll do it in nonpoem form


2010-11-04 23:45:38

yeah i got most of what you said
i was just being trivial with your comments haha