2010-11-04 15:30:53 by kecenii

alright's time we had a talk...come in and sit down...first of all, if you're a nonsmoker with absolutely no problem with smokers, get the hell out..i'm not chewing your ass THIS time ;)

second of all...anti-smokers...I KNOW IT CAUSES CANCER, you bastards had that public service announcement diagrammed in french caligraphy on every pack i buy! i do not smoke it because it will make me grow up big and strong one day dammit -.-...

last of all, allow me to point out a fact that has eluded antismokers ever since (his majesty) Bill Hicks died..antismokers die EVERY day...that is all..night night, sleep tight, don't let the cold bitter truth bite...


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2010-11-04 16:50:58

True, everyone dies all the time, but smokers don't tend to outlive anti smokers by natural means (where the cancer comes in), and while I don't care for smoking out of that reason (do what you wish as long as you know what's gonna happen) but because it's a little hard NOT to involve someone else. Non-smokers aren't used to breathing in carbon-monoxide and friends so we'll start coughing and all other kinds of unpleasantness. If there was a smoke-free cigarette I wouldn't care but then how could you call that smoking?

kecenii responds:

not sure what they're called but look up vapor cigarettes or mechanical cigarettes

and no i agree with you, if i smoke and my smoke causes someone else problems, that's my fault and i need a good yellin

OTHERWISE i just wanna be left alone about it lol..i know i'm dyin, but as of yet, i haven't found reason enough to not consider that a goal..(long term goal, i'm not suicidal)