2010-11-28 01:40:46 by kecenii

hmm i'm bored as to anyone actually bored enough to read this, it's story time ^^ and in keeping with the holiday spirit, i'll make it rhyme (that one was coincidental..) so gather round lil kiddies hehe..

twas her 18th year and everything had gone quite well;
for this young witch for which all things were for sell;
till she fell in love with an old crow, filled with lust;
so captivated was she, she blindly gave him trust;
when hilarity ensued, as she did so choose;
that with him she'd move, with so much to lose;

when first i heard about her strange plight;
my stomach can stand no more thinks i;
after which was when i heard;
of his past which was quite absurd;
beating a maiden, becoming a felon;
his act he did straighten, or so he's been tellin';

and yet all but she can see;
that now she'll never be free;
for this demon to which she's now bound;
would love to bury her deep underground;
and for all the world, not one soul on earth would care except;
for this one single girl, and we'd all watch gleefully while she wept;


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2010-11-28 23:57:46

how sad :,(


2010-12-14 01:45:57

um... Here's a thought change post?

kecenii responds:

yeah sure soon as i think of something to post :P